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Moving Checklist – Things to Remember When You Move

Moving Checklist – Things to Remember When You Move

It’s always easier to take on adventure if you are aware of the roads. To put it in a simpler manner if you are aware of what all you need to plan and strategics for a big move then it’s just an easy task. Overwhelming with the stress of big moves, be it of any kind, is a common sign that people usually give. However, at Pete’s Ultimate Movers we always advice you to plan and prepare yourself to avoid all kinds of unnecessary stress or burden.

Our professional movers have dealt with all types of moving services in our long service years. They are well aware of what the needs of people are and how to professionally deal with them. Still moving being your personal task, it is necessary that you plan it with care. A properly made moving checklist is of great help to deal with the moving chores. You should maintain a checklist to strategics and plan your moves with much ease. It also helps a lot in keeping the moving tasks under check.

Your moving checklist should be framed based on the time period left in your moving. At Pete’s Ultimate Movers we emphasize that an ideal moving checklist evolves as the time left for moving decreases. Here are some tips on how your moving checklist should evolve.

Moving Checklist- 6 to 8 weeks before moving

  • Set the date for your moving with a mover of your choice
  • Decide whether you will pack on your own or want the professional packing service of the movers
  • If you are going to hire the professional movers then ask them to get all your movables checked to know
  • whether they can handle them or not
  • Go through the terms and policies of the movers thoroughly
  • When the listing is done,then go as per the advised estimate of the mover

Moving checklist- 4 weeks before moving

  • Make changes to your mailing address and inform post office about it
  • Make a list of important contacts both personal and professional who you should inform about your address change
  • Get rid of unnecessary items that need not to be moved and can be discarded. Hold garage sale or donate items that you do not require any longer
  • Start using supplies like canned and frozen-food items

Moving checklist- 2 weeks before moving

  • Immediately notify any changes in the moving plan to you mover. Inform them if you want to add or subtract any item in the list
  • If there are multiple stops in your moving plan inform your mover about the same
  • Prepare your family for the move
  • Moving is sometimes emotionally disturbing for kids and seniors therefore hold farewells and try to make it as normal for them
  • Prepare your personal household items for packing
  • Inflammable items like fireworks, cleaning fluids, acids, aerosol cans, etc. are not allowed to be moved in some states. Therefore discard them
  • Cover your furniture and contact technicians to disassemble electronic items

Moving checklist-1 week before moving

  • This is the time when pets and plants come into the picture. Decide well what you want to do with them, we at Pete’s Ultimate Movers provide special services for them
  • List all your items and recover any property/item that is not with you at the moment but needs to be moved
    Pack your valuables separately and check if any item is left

Moving checklist-the day before moving

  • Now as the day has arrived, point all your items in the checklist to the movers on priority basis
  • Make special statements about important products and fragile wares
  • If you are packing on your own, follow the steps as mentions in our Packing Tips page for easy packing
  • Unplug all your electronic items and disconnect supplies like water and gas

Finally on the moving day, go through the moving checklist and make sure your movers come on time

Just follow the steps as mentioned here and you will handle it all with ease.

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