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Moving or shifting from one location to another is not an easy task. It can cause too much stress but now you don't need to worry about it. Pete's Ultimate Movers are here.

Residential Moving

Residential Moving

Whether it is an apartment or a house, residential moving in the Tampa, Florida area is easy and fast when you choose Pete’s Ultimate Movers. Our team of movers is incredibly qualified and knowledgeable enough to deal with each project and deliver extraordinary results.

Welcome to Pete’s Ultimate Movers, LLC
Leading Moving Company in Tampa, Florida

Pete’s Ultimate Movers, LLC is a family owned business , also a strong and sound business enterprise. we are committed and dedicated to providing you the ultimate moving services in Tampa. Our trained staff, cooperative help line assistants and our management are focused on your needs and providing you the best service possible in packing, moving and transport of your items to anywhere. We are a trusted moving company in Tampa that understands your moving needs and wants to ease the transition to moving to a new place simple, effective and without any hassles.

We are dedicated and responsive to your moving needs whether short or long distance. We have in little time established a sound enterprise that consists of trust worthy people and workers who know their jobs well and take extra care while handling your precious property and items. we are composed of a closed knit group of people that are extensively trained and highly cooperative. Our people have received exclusive training in the art of packing, moving and transporting your homes and offices with utmost care and regard of its worth to you.

Tampa’s #1 company for moving and packing
your stuff..!

You can rest assured that we will provide an accurate quote of the services that is customized
to fit your unique needs and budget..!

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

At Pete’s Ultimate Movers, customer satisfaction is our main goals. We provide 24/7 customer support to ensure a great service and satisfied customers

100% Satisfaction

100% Satisfaction

When you go to Pete’s Ultimate Movers, you will get an expert service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

We provide a cost effective service that help you relocation your home and office with affordability.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

With Pete’s Ultimate Movers, you will get peace of mind. because our experienced technicians and movers have years of experience and they know what to do, how to do.









Our Clients Say

What They Say About Us?

Sam Samuels

Brandon, FL

Great guys. Extremely helpful. They worked with me to complete everything within 2hrs. I’ve used them twice now and they’ve always been amazing. Highly recommend them.

Jairett Butler

Riverview, FL

This was by far the best experience I have ever had with movers. I had scheduled another mover who canceled on me at the last minute. I reached out to Pete’s at 10:00am and they were at my location by 1:00pm. The movers were polite,professional, and careful with my belongings. They have a forever client in me and I would recommend them to anyone needing moving services big or small.

Kevin Gall

Clearwater, FL

Good workers. On time. Went above and beyond with zero complaints. With staggered closing/move time I'm using them again to move some additional items next weekend. Highly recommended. Office worker is very nice, organized and excellent attention to detail.

Mathew Haden

Largo, FL

Since I had my experience with Pete's Ultimate Mover's, it has always been easy getting their services. They are friendly and keep their customers close. I am happy that the long chain was cut short. Any time I need them, they are just a call away. Pete's Ultimate Mover's is that relocation you can rely on. It is a habit in them to let down their customers. Surely no one is like them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have listed some frequently asked questions that asked by some of our customers.

We are located in Tampa, FL so we provide apartment and office movers in Tampa Bay, but we also provide Orlando movers and various Florida cities movers (St Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, Bradenton, Lakeland, Altamonte Springs, Lake Mary and more).

Protecting your belongings is high priority, we use storage blankets in your home prior to transportation and we use padded dollies and shoulder harness straps, shrink wraps and bubble wraps to help prevent any damage to large furniture items. Your stuff is safe with us.

Yes, our service is complete, offering office movers, apartment movers, other commercial movers. Also we will customize our services according to your requirements so you can make a custom moving request tailored to your needs.

Yes, just give us a call at (888) 789-4379. We will cover packing, loading, unloading and unpacking.

We want to make you stress free and simplify your moving process so we offer packing services as well.

Yes, of course. Just make sure to label the boxes since that way we will know which are the fragile items and organize the boxes accordingly during transportation.

Yes, most lightweight clothes are safe to be packed inside, although we usually advise to empty all cabinets, dressers and desks to prevent storing heavy objects which can damage the furniture during transportation.

Usually a few hours depending on logistics factors and amount of furniture transported. A 2-hour move is usually the minimum.

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