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The Things That Moving Companies Won’t Move

In our vast experience of dealing with clients from all kinds of backgrounds and handling their varied moving needs has given us a lot of insight into this domain. We at Pete’s Ultimate Movers handle all kinds of moving including home as well commercial moving. A common misconception about the moving services that we have found in both these sectors is that people think movers can move anything. Well technically we can but legally there are some restrictions which are imposed by the government on the movers about shipments. A mover cannot ship every delivery as there are some hazardous materials which are not allowed for moving. This is for security of people and also avoids any unfortunate happening during moving.

Here we have shared a complete description about the materials which a mover is not allowed to move. At Pete’s Ultimate Movers we do not offer services to move these items and you should first consult with your mover about discarding these items.

Perishable Items

The food items which are packed and canned are very much prone to perish during the move. Such items are not moved by us and you should consult it with us before packing any such item for the move.

If you are moving to a long distance then there is no service to transport your livestock or pets. This is because the carriers we have are designed for material transportation and is not suitable for living beings. Also pets need proper care and look after which we believe the customers can only do the best. The plantation is also sometimes not covered in our moving services and insurance liabilities. This is because of the variation in their size and weight.

Inflammable and Hazardous Materials

Safety of our staff is a prime concern for us. We are committed to provide you the best moving solutions but there is a commitment from our side for our staff as well. The inflammable and hazardous materials are very volatile and can result into dangerous accidents easily. Also most of these materials are not legally approved for transportation and can attract penalty and liability issues. In this category all the chemical formulations and explosives are included. We specifically do not transport:

  • Paint materials
  • Propane
  • Batteries containing HCL and other electrolytes
  • Thinners
  • Cleaning supplies used in homes
  • Kerosene
  • Lighter fluid compounds
  • Aerosols
  • Petroleum products & liquid fuels
  • Charcoal
  • Gasoline
  • Motor oils
  • Car batteries
  • Fireworks

We humbly request you to separate these materials from the rest of the items of the shipment. We do not transfer these materials under any circumstances.

Pete’s Ultimate Movers are also committed to provide the best moving solutions to their customers. The restrictions that we have put on moving items are because of the well being of our staff as well society. It is more of a necessity and less of a matter of choice.

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