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Moving Insurance and Liability Tips

Well, we all know moving to a new location is not an easy task and involves many things which should be handled with care. Moving the personal belongings and valuables involves an inherent risk which everyone has to take care of. At Pete’s Ultimate Movers, we have a group of highly trained and expert professionals who offer our clients excellent services. They handle all properties to be moved with ease and care.

As a moving company we have our expert team to handle the moving needs of our clients. However you as a customer also have some rights to deal with any kind of damage done to your properties during the move. For this the moving insurance and liability come of great rescue. Pete’s Ultimate Movers has the most competitive and beneficial insurance policies that cover all the shipment items of the customers. Whether you opt for our services or for any other moving company the insurance terms and conditions are vital to be checked. The tips we are sharing will definitely help you to get the best claims and recovery amount.

The type of Insurance

You think insurance is just as it is insurance, well no you are highly mistaken. The insurances are of many kinds and you should take care which type of insurance is best suited for your shipment based on valuation of the items. This is very important as the valuation amount is discussed prior to moving and cannot be altered afterwards. Therefore keep the following technical terms in mind.
Assessed Value: The declaration for Assessed Value is in written. The lump sum value as it is commonly known,it is the type of valuation which is best suited for light weight expensive items.
Declared value: This is simplest of all which is calculated as Total weight of shipment X value per Pound.
Full value protection: In case of destroyed, damages or lost item this declaration is used. The minimum recovery amount is fixed in this valuation and it provides liability to pay for repair or replacement of items.

These are major kinds of valuation involved in insurance.

The Claim Process

The claim process is inclined to benefit the services providers 8 out of 10 times and you should be aware of it. The technical terms and legal jargons used in the claim process documentation can trick you so better you take a closer look.

Also to get out of the mess easily many movers set the time period of making claim very short. You should always make sure to opt for the services of movers offering at least a month’s claim period. This much time is needed to make out the actual damage done to items.

Valuation of shipment

Don’t be awry while valuing your shipment to be moved. Always separately and considerably value the items you will be moving. List the items and pack the valuables separately. Often there is a different policy to handle the expensive valuables and you should consult with your mover about them.

Knowledge is the key

Insurance is for your safety and you should know how to exploit it when in time of need. Properly access all the terms and conditions of any insurance you opt for.

Pete’s Ultimate Movers provides separate assistance to deal with insurance for clients.

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