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How To Plan A Successful Office Relocation

How To Plan A Successful Office Relocation

Relocating to a new commercial space or office can present remarkable advantages to a business, exploring new business avenues, motivating employees, demonstrating development, and saving money. But, relocating to a new office is a stressful and daunting experience. This is most especially true if you lack proper planning, so it is essential to keep these points in mind.

The Reasons Behind Relocating

First and foremost, you must think of whether office moving is indeed the most cost-efficient approach you can take. Moving to a new place can be hard. It is also a logical nightmare without proper planning. Therefore, make sure you are firm with your decision and its best thing to do.

If you’re upsizing, is the workplace still appropriate for your business and it will be helpful and useful? In case you’re downsizing, are you making sure that you save a considerable amount of money with properly considered options.

When to Relocate?

A lot of companies decide to relocate to a significant area for further development. However, a lot of business owners misinterpret the difference between competition and economic climate. Is the new place ideal for the growth of your business?

Before relocating to a new place, it’s vital to inspect the area for client-base, and competitors within the region as well. Transport is also an essential factor to think about for the sake of your employees/workers.

Who is Leasing it to You?

The greater parts of the office leasing firms are reliable and will guarantee the best deal; still, it is helpful to research the lease providers ahead of time. Also, consult with other companies to make sure that you’re getting the best deal.

IT and Services Removal

Telecommunication and internet are essential for the company. Therefore, it is vital to make the arrangements in the new workplace. Talk to a removal service provider to determine if it is likely to keep the same contact number when relocating offices, and make sure to set up the internet a couple of weeks beforehand. This is because it can take a short period to set up and optimize.

Informing Change of Business Address

Make a system to redirect sent mail from the previous address to your new office. You can send out emails to your contacts and make sure that they are aware of your moving.

Time for Moving

You must plan for office moving at least 10 weeks before the relocation to make sure that you have more time to solve any problems and at the same time, optimize your moving.

In case you need more time, but reaching the end of your existing lease, you could transfer into temporary space, so you can keep on operating your business, but still go on with your planned relocation.

The Future of the Company

It is vital to consider the period of your new lease and how it will affect the company for development, especially if you’re hiring a new employee and developing new departments. Pick the right lease term and make sure you consider the future. This is always a must.

The Small Aspects

The smallest aspects can be a problem in relocating your office- makes sure that you view the address and office every noticeable problem when possible. Check the decoration, the furnishing, and the wallpaper for potential issues. There is nothing wrong with being a perfectionist when moving your office.


Moving is the time to begin anew and improve. Your top priority in relocation is to find a perfect commercial space. With these things in mind, your search for commercial space is a massive success for your company/business.

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