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How Much to Tip a Mover

How Much to Tip a Mover

In the recent years the humane side of people is not easy to witness. Especially when it comes to tipping the service providers be it of any kind there is not much generosity shown. Well if we talk about tipping the movers, then being a moving company ourselves you will take us as money minded guys. Money is a necessity but at Pete’s Ultimate Movers we emphasize more of quality service as it attracts money itself.

We are talking about tipping the movers because dealing with customers for so long we have seen a differentiated attitude in them. Tipping is a good gesture to show your satisfaction and encourage others to perform better. At the same time tipping high amount just for not even average services is something which can be equally devastating.

The point is to keep your tipping as per the performance of the moving staff members. If we have to detail then keep few things in mind like:


Your attitude counts way more than your money. The Moving staff deserves their share of decency and respect. First thing is to behave properly and appropriately with the moving professionals. Offering beverages and eatables is the best way to compliment the moving staff. You can offer refreshments and drinks based on climate and weather. If moving takes long then offering lunch is not such a bad idea.

Amount of tips

Whether you are filthy rich or conservationist the thing is to keep the tipping amount considerable but most importantly reasonable. The amount you pay for tip should be based on number of movers and you are smart enough to decide according to their performance. For a rough estimate a $20 tip for 4-5 member moving staff is decent. Therefore be decisive while tipping movers and do not over spend.

Some Considerations

Tipping is no number crunching but still it has some rules that are meant to be followed. Always keep a check on the performance of the moving staff. If you hire more than one mover then do not tip the staff directly better you pass the tipping amount to supervisors for distribution. This will be easy for you to handle different professionals separately.

Tipping is for encouraging professionals that their better efforts are always appreciated. We have seen people even paying $100 per head for tips as a gratitude for excellent and moreover honest services. It is not something that people should do as a formality but moreover a sense of humanity and gesture for the performance.

The real thing is no one can provide you or set hard bound rules for tipping the movers. At Pete’s Ultimate Movers we always request the clients to be reasonable with any kind of tipping. The quality services and honest commitment for serving the customers with our best is what keeps us going. Our staff is equally cherished to receive appreciation for their work as they are on receiving tips.

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