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A Perfect Guide to Plan and Organize Your Move – Moving Checklist

A Perfect Guide to Plan and Organize Your Move – Moving Checklist

Moving day is one of the busiest days of your life and to make it perfect you have to be stay organized beforehand. A professional moving company helps you to get through the moving process but there are many things to consider when preparing for a move, and organizing these thoughts on a moving checklist will ensure that nothing is forgotten.


Two Months Before

Explore your home thoroughly and decide on the things you have to keep and discard. Segregate items that require special packing or extra insurance coverage. Investigate about the available moving company options, request an on-site estimate and choose the wise one. Make a visit to your child’s school, inform them about the move and arrange for their records transfer to the new school district.

Six Weeks Before

Order supplies such as tapes, bubble wraps, labels, markers, specialty containers, dish barrels and wardrobe boxes. Check room dimensions of your new home and make sure that large furniture fit through the door.

One Month Before

Begin packing the items that you use most frequently and label it with the price value. Also label the boxes clearly with its contents and the room destined for. Move items such as jewelry to a safe box and personally transport it to your new home. Fill out a change of address form online to save more time. Alert banks, newspapers you subscribe to, insurance and utility companies about your move.

One Week Before

Stock up the prescription you need during the next couple of weeks. Empty, clean and defrost your refrigerator 24 hours before moving. Reconfirm the arrival time of the moving company and get the written directions to your new home.

On the moving day make sure that the moving truck that shows up is from the moving company you have hired and let them pack and load items into it. Make sure to sign the bill of lading or inventory list before the movers leave.

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