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 A moving day can be really stressful and chaotic. The bigger the family, the bigger the mess, and sometimes it is hard to go through the whole process all by yourself, without any professional help.

When you find yourself in a situation like this, count these three things that will make it much easier and take the burden off your shoulders:

  1. Effectiveness and Punctuality:

It is common sense that, when you are moving, you want it to be over as soon as possible and done as well as possible. No one likes their stuff getting lost, broken… no one likes when things take longer than they are supposed to. Pete’s Ultimate Movers guarantee effective use of your time.

  1. Good and transparent prices:

Everyone wants to pay the price they were quoted for before the deal was made. Pete’s Ultimate Movers guarantee that we will not include any hidden fees in the price. 

  1. Trustworthy movers:

You want movers that undergo drug testing and criminal record screening and clearance, before they are employed and periodic drug testings while they are employed in our company? Those are the only people Pete’s Ultimate Movers employ in our company! Like we would not like anyone suspicious and apprehensive snooping around our old and new house and handling our precious and important things! That is why we will not provide anything like that for any of our customers!


Working with Pete’s Ultimate Movers is as easy as it gets!

Steps are simple:

  1. Get an instant quote online now or request for In-Home survey.
  2. Fill up some basic info about your move
  3. Secure your move with a small deposit
  4. Check the extra services you need. We offer dozens of them, from packing over unpacking and storage and even just the physical labor-whatever you need!


Did you know that the moving day is the third most stressful day in your life? It comes just after divorce and death of a loved family member! That is just crazy!

We will make the whole process go so well and so smoothly, you will not even notice that you are moving! It will be just another day in your life!

So go it and get started with a quick online quote now!

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We’ll be with you on every move.

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