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Moving Checklist

This moving checklist from Pete's Ultimate Movers will help prepare you for your upcoming move by providing you a helpful timeline of moving tips and checklists to get you organized and minimize stress before the big day.
Pete’s Ultimate Moving Checklist
Are you moving soon?
Here is a moving check list from Pete’s Ultimate Movers layout just for you to help the transitions go as smooth as possible. Many of these items listed are forgotten about when the day of move finally comes. We, At Pete’s Ultimate Movers are here to make your move be successful.

One Month Before Moving:
Send change of address card to:

  • Post Office

  • Charge Accounts

  • Inform Your Insurance Companies

  • Inform Friends and Relatives

  • Inform Utilities Company (Like: Water, Gas, Trash Removal, Electric, Phone/Cable/Internet & Lawn Care)

  • Buying Proper Packing Supplies

 Two Weeks Before Moving:

  • Confirming your move with Pete’s Ultimate Movers
  • Start packing your moving boxes and labor them accordingly by desired room
  • Notify your employer that you are moving and request off
  • Cancel Newspaper and Magazines Subscriptions
  • Prepare for shipping if you are shipping your car

Transfer Membership Like:

  1. Church

  2. Health Club

  3. Country Club

  4. Civic Organization

  5. Obtain Medical Records

 Three to Two Days Before Moving:

  • Withdraw Cash to be ready for your move (You should tips your movers)

  • Defrost Defreeze and Refrigerator

  • Pack a box of essentials, both clothes and food, for the first 24 hours at your new home

  • Clean Throughout to your old place

  • Say Goodbey to your neighbor!


  • Make sure all your boxes pack and labor with their appropriate destination

  • Be sure to remember to tips your movers and in consideration on buy them launch

  • Make sure your read your moving contract and do a walkthrough before your movers leave


Moving to a new resident is the 3rd most stressful event in life (Following death and divorce)
But at Pete’s Ultimate Movers, we can change that for you.

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We’ll be with you on every move.

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