Tips For Packing Kitchen

//Tips For Packing Kitchen

Tips For Packing Kitchen

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Kitchen is, probably, the most difficult room when it comes to pack the stuff for moving. There are all sorts of items that need to be treated differently. There are very fragile items and then there are some very hefty items, there are small ones and the big ones, so arrangements need to be made for each item separately. Prepare your checklists and act upon our advice to make things go really smooth:

Choose items you are taking with you:

Firstly, make a list of items you are going to take with you. Don’t take everything with you because that is going to make your workcumbersome and make you cost more. Give away things that are not that important to a charity or shelter or even sell all such staff to sale garage.

Make an essentials list:

Make a list of all kitchen items that you consider to be a necessity. Pack everything else that you don’t need regularly in a separate box. Make a separate box for all the items you would need till the last minute before shifting and from the very minute you move in to your new place. This will make your work convenient and easier.

Get Packing material:

Arrange for appropriate packing material that you are going to use for packing your kitchen items and utensils. You’ll need boxes, newspapers, wrapping paper and some tape. Nicely pack your stuff and label it. This will help you in carrying the stuff and later opening it after moving in.

Start with:

Items that are not essential should be packed first. It is because you can’t pack the stuff that you need in everyday routine. These items include your vases, wine glasses, food storage containers mixing bowls, cooking books and dish towels.

Pack your wine or other unopened bottles:

Now, pack all you liquor bottles that you don’t plan to open in next few days or on your way. Also pack bottles that have food in them. Pack all of them in one box. Just consider one thing that is the item you are going to pack really worth it. Like old olive oil bottles or truffle oils. Such items should not be packed as they are only going to increase the cost for you. It is better to throw such stuff away or give it to some friends and you can buy that later.

Pack drawers and shelves:

After that pack your drawers and shelves. Go through all the items and only those should be selected that you are currently using or are in at least reasonable condition to be used again. All those items that are not suitable for use or are too messed, give them away.

Pack Dishes:

Pack all the dishes and make sure that they are nicely packed. Take your time for this. Also pack glasses and plates during this stage.
At last, pack your pots, pans and pantry and you are set to move your kitchen.

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