How to plan for a moving day?

//How to plan for a moving day?

How to plan for a moving day?

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Moving can turn into a disaster if you haven’t planned it in a proper way and packed stuff in an organized manner. It’s no easy task to pack each and everything and take it to another location. With proper planning, you can get things done in a smooth and swift way. There is high probability of getting some damages and the beast solution is to make a list of all your items. All items? How is it possible? Well, it’s possible. Here is a guide that can help you prepare your packing list and, hence, save the day for you:

Packing supplies:

Firstly, it is important to get all the packing supplies. It includes boxes, bags, wrapping paper and some tape. It is important that you have adequate supplies of all packing materials, otherwise, you’ll have to pack your stuff in an inappropriate manner or you’ll have to take it, completely unpacked. This can damage your belongings or in some cases, you’ll have to leave them. Mostly, people face these problems because they have stuff in cupboards and they are unable to make a good estimate.


Collect all you documents and place them in a single file. Your bills, contracts, property documents or any other document that you might have to use in future, preserve it. It is important that you keep a record of all your moving documents. If you are moving by plane or train, keep your tickets with you.


Take all the medicines with you that you or your children are currently using . Also take the medicines that you might need on the moving day like painkillers and other allergy medications. Don’t take any expired medicines with you.

Bathroom stuff:

You’ll have to take all necessary bathroom stuff with you. Take brushes, tooth pastes, soaps and all other items that are necessity for your family. You might have to use a repellent. Take that with you. Take extra pair of clothes for each member of family while being on the road.


Pack things that your children love or might feel bad if you are going to leave them back. Take their toys, games or snacks. You might want to take snacks or games for children while on road. Children can really feel bad while moving because they’ll have to leave their school and other friends. Pamper them by what they need, so, they can get over this.


Your pets would also need water and food, so take their bowls and other necessary stuff. It is fun to move with pets, but you’ll have to take care of their needs. You can also consider leaving them in a pet hotel and when, you are properly settled, you can take them back with you.
Take a good supply of foods and drinks with you while you are moving. If you are moving too far, make sandwiches or other snacks that can keep your energy level intact.

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