How to Make an Efficient Moving Estimate

//How to Make an Efficient Moving Estimate

How to Make an Efficient Moving Estimate

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So you have made your mind to move to a new place but confused about from where you should start. Before moving it is often a good idea to make a good moving cost estimate. Making a proper plan and getting things done according to the plan can make things a lot easier. Following are the recommended steps for making an efficient moving estimate:

Consider different movers:

Moving is quite a hectic job and getting the services of professional mover can make your job much less tiring. Consider some of the well known mover of your area and after making interviews short list some of the mover whom you consider most suitable to your requirement. It takes about an hour to survey and estimate the cost involved in the process of moving. Call each moving company with a difference of one or two hours on the same day. This will help you make the best choice as you will be able to make a fair comparison.

Making a list of what to move:

Before finalising a moving company, the most important step is to make a list of what to take and what to leave. Instead of remaining confused it is always a good to consult all the family members and decide the things you are to take with yourself. Always remain clear in your words when describing to the mover about the things you want to be moved. If possible make separate list for each room. Don’t neglect places like garages and basements as once you have finalised your contract the mover will charge extra for anything left behind. Never hesitate to ask the question from the moving company, which will not only help you answer your concerns but will also make a good understanding of each company’s policy. This will further you make a sane choice and to avoid future disputes. Ask each of the moving company to provide you with a copy of their checklist in order to rectify any doubt.

Discuss the terms of packing:

Many companies in the market are providing the facility of packing your things themselves and transporting it to your desired destinations. Professional packing not only saves time but the work is done in quite an effective way. On the darker side this can prove to be much more expensive then self packing and may not be affordable for everyone. Always discuss it before that you are to take professional service or not.

Discuss the expected moving dates:

Once you are being satisfied by the way of working of a mover make sure that you decide the expected dates on which your things to be delivered. Due to the lack of competent moving labor the experienced movers are often busy elsewhere. Remain flexible in the matter of dates as one may not be available on your desired dates. Remaining adamant on your desired dates may resulting in compromise either in service or in the cost.

In a nutshell, dealing with a moving company can be a lot more critical particularly if you are doing it for the first time. Having proper understanding of how to deal with a mover and getting a good cost estimate can make things quite simple.

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