Here are Some Tips for Packing and Moving Fragile Items!

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Here are Some Tips for Packing and Moving Fragile Items!

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Moving to a new house, a new location is great! But not everything comes with you when you move. Every one of us will have some high-value fragile items in our home, which we cannot leave back. But with little extra efforts while packing your fragile items, before handing it to the local moving company Tampa you can keep them safe from bumps, vibrations, and shocks and take them safe with you to your new house. Different items require different packaging options in order to keep them safe. For instance, electronic equipment needs a different packaging method considered to glassware.

How to Choose Material to Consider for Cushioning Fragile Items?

While you choose materials for cushioning your fragile items, you should check:

  1. Will it remain rigid under the weight of the item it is supposed to protect?
  2. Will it withstand multiple shocks or will it bounce back after one?
  3. Will it resist changes in temperature, pressure and humidity?


Whether it’s your everyday plate or glasses, they are easily broken. Even the plastic plates and cups may break if care isn’t taken to secure them. So, to keep your dishes safe, follow these instructions before handing them to long distance moving company Tampa.

  1. Place one dish after the other on a stack of paper and cover the corners.
  2. Use a medium-sized box and stuff it with cushioning material before you put in the plates.


Mirrors are very fragile as we know. But you cannot stop bringing one with you when you move. To prevent the bad luck that’s supposed to come with breaking,

  1. Consider using towels or blankets to wrap several layers around the mirror.
  2. Fill any space in the box with cushioning materials.
  3. Choose the box that is almost close to the size of your mirror in order to prevent any movement in transit.

With the best residential moving service Tampa, everything will be handled with care!

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