Getting the right mover

//Getting the right mover

Getting the right mover

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So, you are planning to move but don’t have any idea about how to get to a trusted moving company. Many people face such situation, especially, when they are planning to move for the very first time. Moving is itself a tough job that can make you physically as well as mentally fatigued. The trouble gets bigger if you face any movers who are not cooperative, professional or fraud. Their fraudulent tactics can trap you and if, you are doing it for the very first time, you are most likely to fall prey. Scams are a norm and moving industry is stuffed with all sorts of unprofessional people. Choosing such a company can cause you delayed response, damaged items, or lost items in some cases. What people do is that they just book with them over the phone or internet and blindly believe on the estimates they have provided. Convinced by the low initial estimate, mostly people book with such scams and have to get deliveries and costs that are many times of the initial estimate. Here are few tips that can get you to the right mover:

Go for professional movers only:

Make sure that the people you are registering with are professional enough and have done satisfactory work in the past. Go for the licensed movers only and check for their reputation with concerned authorities. Before making a deal,check with Better Business Bureau that company at least has the satisfactory rating. Better Business Bureau states that it received 8,846 complaints about movers in last year only. They can cause damage to your items or demand you way more than initial estimate. In worse cases, they hold family’s belongings until thousands of dollars are paid to them. To avoid all these problems, stick with the very professional ones and avoid booking with some random XYZ movers over the phone.

Get estimates from various movers:

This well help you get a good estimate of what you should be paying for a safe and sound move. It is mostly the average of estimates quoted by the movers. Remember one thing; no legit mover is going to give a final estimate over the phone or internet. The reason being, that a true estimate can only be told after seeing your belongings.Moreover, ignore the lowest estimates. They are mostly provided by scammers who are trying to trap you. So, a reasonable advice is to ignore least responsive estimators. They can ask for additional money once you have moved in and can threaten you by not releasing your belongings. Movers are only entitled to receive 10% more than initial estimate, by law.

These were some major techniques by which you can reach to a fraud moving company. Nevertheless, there are some minor hacks by which you can detect a scam and stop your feet from moving any further:

  • They tell you that they are registered but do not have any licensing details on their website.
  • They ask you for depositing cash in advance.

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