How to Change Mailing Address?

How to Change Mailing Address?

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Getting a new place to live is somewhat exciting and gives a new thrill in its own. Dealing with clients and their moving needs, Pete’s Ultimate Movers has come a long way. We know what the clients exactly need and how to deliver it to them. Moving to a new location means a lot of homework on your part. The change in mailing address is one such thing that you all should take care of. The information that is shared with movers about the mailing address is of great importance.

For movers to deliver shipment on time, it is necessary to provide them complete information about the mailing address. We at Pete’s Ultimate Movers keep updated information of mailing address of the clients in our automated database. However it is important for the clients as well to inform about any changes in the mailing address to the movers immediately. The change in mailing address is also important to be notified to postal departments.

Points to consider

  • The changes in delivery addressIf there are any changes made in the delivery address then it is necessary to inform the movers first about these changes. Often movers charge extra for change in the destination after a specific time period left in moving day. Therefore inform about any changes in delivery address immediately.
  • Change with Post OfficeThe change in your postal address is a necessity and in some states it’s mandatory. Therefore contact your nearby postal office to get your mailing address changed. The procedure to change the address is notified on the websites of most of the postal services as well. There are many mailing services which offer you online services for address changes.
  • The Storage ServicesIn some cases clients are not sure about the place of moving and the address as well. In such cases where you need to make changes often it is advisable that you opt for storage services offered by many movers. This will help you to avoid extra charge incurred in changing the destination of delivery frequently.
  • The Electronic Mailing DetailsYour email and other online contact details are also of importance. Take care to inform the movers about the changes in these addresses as well. The best way to keep in contact with the movers is to subscribe for newsletter of the movers to know about any new information from them.

It is very important to inform your mover, family and friends about the changes in your mailing address. This is necessary as they will need this information to contact you later on. Just be sure that you have informed all your important contacts about the address change.

At Pete’s Ultimate Movers we provide 24x7assistance to the clients to notify us about any changes in their moving plan or address. You can contact us any time to inform us about any change in your mailing address.

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