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Move your Precious Piano Securely by Professional Movers

Move-your-Precious-PianoPianos are very intelligent, yet very delicate musical instruments. It goes without saying that extreme care and caution need to be undertaken while moving it from one point to another. So piano lovers who are concerned about their precious possession, professional piano movers in Tampa is here for you!

Professional movers can move your piano without hassle. Such companies utilize a pulley system to do the same. This methodology requires a roped mechanism that is controlled by a number of workers. Movers will also properly fasten it with rope, wire and other necessary moving tools. Having had a good experience in moving pianos between houses or different destinations, they have the expertise in securely moving the instrument. While moving your piano, movers will also ensure that your piano is shielded from problems such as scratch, drops or scrapes.

Movers also will help protect your piano from foreign elements such as dirt, dust and sunlight. The wood of piano is prone to damage when they are exposed to sudden temperature changes, hence movers will use special piano covers to protect it. Doing so will also protect the keys from any damage. When you are looking for a piano mover, ensure that they are using automated or manual ramps to safely lift and load your piano. By employing all such measures, an expert piano mover will help transport your instrument with complete safety.

So stop worrying about the safety of your piano the next time you are thinking of relocating it. Professional piano movers in Tampa, value your instrument as much as you do.

Relocating your Business? Hire Commercial Movers!

Relocating your BusinessYou must have discovered an ideal location to grow your business further and it can’t be denied that relocating offices or commercial establishments can be stressful. As the shipments to be transported are bulky and large in numbers, safeguards to be taken must be at its highest levels. Hence, hire commercial movers in Tampa and make a wise choice.

Professional commercial movers will only have experts who are trained to handle the complexities and intricacies of managing the heavy tasks successfully. As they get hands-on experience almost every day, they can manage it without much tediousness. Movers also assign specific tasks to the right staff who have the caliber to execute them effectively.

One big benefit of movers is that they really plan the different stages of making the move, well in advance. They not just assign responsibilities to different individuals depending on their expertise, but they will arrange the necessary tools and equipment to make the move faster and safer. They later coordinate the process depending on the size of the move and successfully accomplish it unanimously.

At first, commercial moving companies will make a detailed analysis of the move and then frame a plan to split the move in different phases or stages. They use color code to sort and organize different categories of furniture that need to be relocated in their accurate positions. With an operation that is performed in different stages, these movers ensure that the process is done in a faster and reliable manner.

When you have planned to relocate your business, think about hiring commercial movers in Tampa as they can save you a lot of time and money in doing the process professionally, safely and securely.

Why Should You Hire Professional Residential Movers

Hire Professional Residential MoversRelocating yourself? Your Do-it-Yourself attitude might be instructing you to pack and move your stuff and possessions without anyone’s help. The end result? Everything goes topsy-turvy, giving you a hard time to organize and sort. This is where residential movers in Tampa can help you in more ways than you can think of. This write-up explains why hiring professional movers is beneficial.

  1. Your car or pickup trucks are incapable to stuff all your belongings at once and you might have to go back and forth to load them batch by batch. You will have to spend excess fuel costs eventually. Movers on the other hand can easily load all heavy items including your furniture using their vehicles that are spacious and safe.
  2. Movers are equipped with all types of equipment and tools, by which loading and unloading all items, small and large, makes easy for them. They are also trained to effectively handle items that are heavy and bulky. They’ll also have large boxes beforehand that can contain your possessions in a secure manner.
  3. Relative to the costs of moving stuff all by you, the services rendered by professional movers are economical and affordable. The rates depend on the distance and the quantity of items needed to be moved.
  4. To prevent the hassle of your stuff being mixed up & going unorganized, professional movers employs labeling and sorting techniques with which your stuffs are sorted and labeled accordingly. Fragile items will be separated from others to prevent damages.

With licensed and professional residential movers in Tampa, make moving experience memorable and easier like never before.

Tips For Packing Kitchen

Kitchen is, probably, the most difficult room when it comes to pack the stuff for moving. There are all sorts of items that need to be treated differently. There are very fragile items and then there are some very hefty items, there are small ones and the big ones, so arrangements need to be made for each item separately. Prepare your checklists and act upon our advice to make things go really smooth:

Choose items you are taking with you:

Firstly, make a list of items you are going to take with you. Don’t take everything with you because that is going to make your workcumbersome and make you cost more. Give away things that are not that important to a charity or shelter or even sell all such staff to sale garage.

Make an essentials list:

Make a list of all kitchen items that you consider to be a necessity. Pack everything else that you don’t need regularly in a separate box. Make a separate box for all the items you would need till the last minute before shifting and from the very minute you move in to your new place. This will make your work convenient and easier.

Get Packing material:

Arrange for appropriate packing material that you are going to use for packing your kitchen items and utensils. You’ll need boxes, newspapers, wrapping paper and some tape. Nicely pack your stuff and label it. This will help you in carrying the stuff and later opening it after moving in.

Start with:

Items that are not essential should be packed first. It is because you can’t pack the stuff that you need in everyday routine. These items include your vases, wine glasses, food storage containers mixing bowls, cooking books and dish towels.

Pack your wine or other unopened bottles:

Now, pack all you liquor bottles that you don’t plan to open in next few days or on your way. Also pack bottles that have food in them. Pack all of them in one box. Just consider one thing that is the item you are going to pack really worth it. Like old olive oil bottles or truffle oils. Such items should not be packed as they are only going to increase the cost for you. It is better to throw such stuff away or give it to some friends and you can buy that later.

Pack drawers and shelves:

After that pack your drawers and shelves. Go through all the items and only those should be selected that you are currently using or are in at least reasonable condition to be used again. All those items that are not suitable for use or are too messed, give them away.

Pack Dishes:

Pack all the dishes and make sure that they are nicely packed. Take your time for this. Also pack glasses and plates during this stage.
At last, pack your pots, pans and pantry and you are set to move your kitchen.

How to save money during moving?

Moving is a costly option and things can get really expensive if you don’t take into account all the factors that are going to multiply your moving expenditures. If done recklessly, your moving venture can cost you thousands of dollars. To avoid this, you should always be planning stuff and taking things forward in an organized manner. Spending extravagantly can only dilute your savings or stress your budget for other more important expenditures. So, it’s always better to spend wisely and look for ways you can save some. Followings are some of the hacks you can employ to make your moving a little less expensive.

Decide what you want to move:

It is not important that you move everything that you have in your house. There are many items that are there in your house with no particular purpose. These include some old stuff, old clothes or shoes, broken items etc. Figure out the quantity of all such stuff and decide to ship those things that are in your use or inevitable to leave behind. Every object is going to cost you and the more you are going to jumble up this junk, the more it is going to cost you. There are items that you can buy at a much cheaper rate after you have relocated. There are items that you are planning to replace, do it right now. It is going to save you a lot of money.

Food supplies:

Don’t throw away the food items you have stored in your house. Try using those supplies during your move. If you already know the moving date, plan your food storage. Utilise what is available in house, rather than buying new supplies from outside. Taking the stored food to your new house won’t help as it is going to cost you shipment charges. Use your existing supplies and save your cash.

Use less boxes:

You can save money by putting the stuff in drawers and wardrobes and shifting them as it is. It can save you money that you would otherwise have to spend on packing supplies. These include packing papers, boxes and tapes. Taking things as such, can also save you time while unloading.

Cheap moving supplies:

You can also save money by using packing supplies of neighbours or friends who have recently moved and have some supplies that can be reused. Consider using newspapers or magazines instead of wrapping paper. Use your old sheets and towels that you won’t be using in future, can also prove to be good packing materials.

Choose a cheap moving company:

Choosing a moving company wisely is very important. Don’t always go for the lowest price. It is a way that that most scams attract families that are looking to move. The best practice is to ask for quotations from various companies and choose the mean value. In this way, you can get reasonable service for a decent price.

How to plan for a moving day?

Moving can turn into a disaster if you haven’t planned it in a proper way and packed stuff in an organized manner. It’s no easy task to pack each and everything and take it to another location. With proper planning, you can get things done in a smooth and swift way. There is high probability of getting some damages and the beast solution is to make a list of all your items. All items? How is it possible? Well, it’s possible. Here is a guide that can help you prepare your packing list and, hence, save the day for you:

Packing supplies:

Firstly, it is important to get all the packing supplies. It includes boxes, bags, wrapping paper and some tape. It is important that you have adequate supplies of all packing materials, otherwise, you’ll have to pack your stuff in an inappropriate manner or you’ll have to take it, completely unpacked. This can damage your belongings or in some cases, you’ll have to leave them. Mostly, people face these problems because they have stuff in cupboards and they are unable to make a good estimate.


Collect all you documents and place them in a single file. Your bills, contracts, property documents or any other document that you might have to use in future, preserve it. It is important that you keep a record of all your moving documents. If you are moving by plane or train, keep your tickets with you.


Take all the medicines with you that you or your children are currently using . Also take the medicines that you might need on the moving day like painkillers and other allergy medications. Don’t take any expired medicines with you.

Bathroom stuff:

You’ll have to take all necessary bathroom stuff with you. Take brushes, tooth pastes, soaps and all other items that are necessity for your family. You might have to use a repellent. Take that with you. Take extra pair of clothes for each member of family while being on the road.


Pack things that your children love or might feel bad if you are going to leave them back. Take their toys, games or snacks. You might want to take snacks or games for children while on road. Children can really feel bad while moving because they’ll have to leave their school and other friends. Pamper them by what they need, so, they can get over this.


Your pets would also need water and food, so take their bowls and other necessary stuff. It is fun to move with pets, but you’ll have to take care of their needs. You can also consider leaving them in a pet hotel and when, you are properly settled, you can take them back with you.
Take a good supply of foods and drinks with you while you are moving. If you are moving too far, make sandwiches or other snacks that can keep your energy level intact.

How to Make an Efficient Moving Estimate

So you have made your mind to move to a new place but confused about from where you should start. Before moving it is often a good idea to make a good moving cost estimate. Making a proper plan and getting things done according to the plan can make things a lot easier. Following are the recommended steps for making an efficient moving estimate:

Consider different movers:

Moving is quite a hectic job and getting the services of professional mover can make your job much less tiring. Consider some of the well known mover of your area and after making interviews short list some of the mover whom you consider most suitable to your requirement.It takes about an hour to survey and estimate the cost involved in the process of moving. Call each moving company with a difference of one or two hours on the same day. This will help you make the best choice as you will be able to make a fair comparison.

Making a list of what to move:

Before finalising a moving company, the most important step is to make a list of what to take and what to leave. Instead of remaining confused it is always a good to consult all the family members and decide the things you are to take with yourself. Always remain clear in your words when describing to the mover about the things you want to be moved. If possible make separate list for each room. Don’t neglect places like garages and basements as once you have finalised your contract the mover will charge extra for anything left behind. Never hesitate to ask the question from the moving company, which will not onlyhelp youanswer your concerns but will also make a good understanding of each company’s policy. This will further you make a sane choice and to avoid future disputes. Ask each of the moving company to provide you with a copy of their checklist in order to rectify any doubt.

Discuss the terms of packing:

Many companies in the market are providing the facility of packing your things themselves and transporting it to your desired destinations. Professional packing not only saves time but the work is done in quite an effective way. On the darker side this can prove to be much more expensive then self packing and may not be affordable for everyone. Always discuss it before that you are to take professional service or not.

Discuss the expected moving dates:

Once you are being satisfied by the way of working of a mover make sure that you decide the expected dates on which your things to be delivered. Due to the lack of competent moving labour the experienced movers are often busy elsewhere. Remain flexible in the matter of dates as one may not be available on your desired dates. Remaining adamant on your desired dates may resulting in compromise either in service or in the cost.

In a nutshell, dealing with a moving company can be a lot more critical particularly if you are doing it for the first time. Having proper understanding of how to deal with a mover and getting a good cost estimate can make things quite simple.

How to choose a moving date?

Moving can be stressful and especially if you are doing it for the first time. You will have to plan stuff and get everything in order, obviously, but there are certain hacks that make your move easy and less stressful. Getting things done smoothly, you should make your choices wisely. Going wildly about it can make a disaster out of your moving expedition. There are many factors that count to make your move swift; one of them is planning the day wisely. You just can’t simply move on a random day if you want uninterrupted operations and that too with saving some money. Here is our guide to choose the right moving day:

You own suitability:

Always prioritize your suitability and your needs while making a move. See if your children have schools that can interrupted by your move. You might want to complete some important commitments before making a move. Make sure that you are not leaving any issues unattended, otherwise, you are highly likely to suffer.

The right time:

In addition to right day, you should also try to figure out the right time before making a move. Avoid high traffic hours or times that can cause hustle, and in the process, you can damage some goods or have to bear a bigger loss. Morning time is most suitable for this as you can avoid high traffic and cater for any unplanned delays due to movers or your own negligence. You can have more time for making the move. Moreover, it can avoid extra cost for hiring extra labour if there is a delay.

Plan a move with someone else:

If you are planning on saving some good money, you can schedule a move with some other family. In this way, you can share the cost of truck and other related expenditures. It can also cause you any loss of goods but you can always manage stuff in a proper way to avoid such damage. While packing, make a list of your items and label them. While unloading, you can check your items from the checklist and in case of a loss; you can claim it from the movers.

Availability of a trusted mover:

It is important that you choose a well reputed mover, to avoid any scams or disputes in later stages. There are a lot scams linked with moving companies, so, you should always try to get an appointment with the trusted one. Such movers are often busy and you might have to wait for few weeks, before getting an appointment.


The day of your move can be dictated by the money you are ready to spend. There are days when moving is comparatively expensive. In case you have a limited budget, try on days that are not very costly. Avoid moving on holidays, weekends, summers or beginning or end of month. You can sve money by moving in winters or on weekends in summers.

Getting the right mover

So, you are planning to move but don’t have any idea about how to get to a trusted moving company. Many people face such situation, especially, when they are planning to move for the very first time. Moving is itself a tough job that can make you physically as well as mentally fatigued. The trouble gets bigger if you face any movers who are not cooperative, professional or fraud. Their fraudulent tactics can trap you and if, you are doing it for the very first time, you are most likely to fall prey. Scams are a norm and moving industry is stuffed with all sorts of unprofessional people. Choosing such a company can cause you delayed response, damaged items, or lost items in some cases. What people do is that they just book with them over the phone or internet and blindly believe on the estimates they have provided. Convinced by the low initial estimate, mostly people book with such scams and have to get deliveries and costs that are many times of the initial estimate. Here are few tips that can get you to the right mover:

Go for professional movers only:

Make sure that the people you are registering with are professional enough and have done satisfactory work in the past. Go for the licensed movers only and check for their reputation with concerned authorities. Before making a deal,check with Better Business Bureau that company at least has the satisfactory rating. Better Business Bureau states that it received 8,846 complaints about movers in last year only. They can cause damage to your items or demand you way more than initial estimate. In worse cases, they hold family’s belongings until thousands of dollars are paid to them. To avoid all these problems, stick with the very professional ones and avoid booking with some random XYZ movers over the phone.

Get estimates from various movers:

This well help you get a good estimate of what you should be paying for a safe and sound move. It is mostly the average of estimates quoted by the movers. Remember one thing; no legit mover is going to give a final estimate over the phone or internet. The reason being, that a true estimate can only be told after seeing your belongings.Moreover, ignore the lowest estimates. They are mostly provided by scammers who are trying to trap you. So, a reasonable advice is to ignore least responsive estimators. They can ask for additional money once you have moved in and can threaten you by not releasing your belongings. Movers are only entitled to receive 10% more than initial estimate, by law.

These were some major techniques by which you can reach to a fraud moving company. Nevertheless, there are some minor hacks by which you can detect a scam and stop your feet from moving any further:

  • They tell you that they are registered but do not have any licensing details on their website.
  • They ask you for depositing cash in advance.